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August 17, 2008
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-SD- Cheer Squad by Tyshea -SD- Cheer Squad by Tyshea
*Salad Days is a story about a high school populated by supernatural teachers and students, for more info, click here*

arhar @__@;
just a few characters for WormWood ive been working on in-between assignments and tests for like...a month now XD;;
oh boy.

but heres the Cheer Squad! XD
(i have a feeling they wont be very popular ;-; )


from left to right:

-Dawn the Elf, Sophomore:
Dawn is Ash's self-proclaimed rival. She never liked Ash, but their "rivalry" officially started because of some incident where Ash kicked Dawn's boyfriend, Mikhail, in the nuts for bullying some nobody kid named Tylor. Ever since she started to annoy Ash, Ash has made it a priority to make Dawn's lunch hours as shitty as possible.
Dawn is pretty much your typical bully prep that likes to cause drama, but shes not much of a threat because she gets flustered and angry so easily.
(She also starts to get a questionable obsession with trying to prove Ren is really a boy, including peeping, stalking, and all that good shit...epic lulz).

-April the Easter Bunny, Junior:
April is the ditziest, but most lovable person you'll probably every meet. Being the Easter Bunny, she likes to leave little chocolate eggs in peoples locker at random, or sometimes just put one in your pocket during a conversation.
She follows Dawn around even though she's older, and sometimes foils Dawn's stupid little schemes because of her big mouth and lack of brain cells. But even Dawn couldn't stay mad at her.
April is going out with Theo on the Football team, and is Annarie's big sister.

-Juniper the Dryad, Junior:
June is one of the more quiet cheerleaders, and even though she hangs out with Dawn and April, she prefers to stay out of their little "adventures," as April calls them. She's also a straight A student and plays cello in the Orchestra. June has a bad habit of over-working herself, but April can usually take off some of her stress with her bubbly attitude...or make it worse cause she needs help with homework all the time XD;;
April always jokes with June that they need a friend named May.
Juniper belongs to ~yamiaki

-Barbara the Animated Puppet, Senior:
Barbie is that dumb blonde who knows shes a dumb blonde. Her greatest wish is to be a "real girl" and is always blaming her stupidity on her wooden grey matter. Despite having to oil her joints all the time, she's a pretty good cheerleader and an overall sweet person.
Barbie is surprisingly shy to flirting and really hates being called "doll" for obvious reasons.
She lives alone with her dad, who owns a, yep, you guessed it, doll shop. She thinks her illegitimate mother is someone called the Blue Fairy, but we all know that's a lie XD;;;

-Penelope the Satyr, Senior:
Penny is one of the Captains of the Cheer Squad and takes Cheer very seriously. During practice, she's a no-nonsense dictator with her handy little whistle, but outside, she's quite helpful and up-beat. Her grades aren't the best because she focuses on her team so much, but she does have a passion for History. Being the shortest girl on the Squad, Penny is always one of the cheerleaders being tossed into the air, which sucks cause of her acrophobia (fear of heights). She spends hours on the weekends shaving her hairy goat legs, but she says it's totally worth it XD;;
Penny's uncle is Mr. Fonne, the Music teacher, so she's one of the few cheerleaders that actually supports the marching band and color guard.


whoa, thanks for reading all that, if you did xD

back to homework, uuuwaaargh D:
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BurningBridges44 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I can almost see Dawn and April having a prank-fail and then someone saying: Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids! XD
fuuby Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
way cool and creative!!! you view my art work it may help you out but awesome they are some Diverse characters... COOL!!!
Tyshea Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
hey, sorry for the late reply >,<
thank you so much though!
TheMonkeysUnkle Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
Dawn's hands freak me out a little.
biohazard22791 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
nuthin says awesome like cheerleaders ^^
comatoselove Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I don't like cheerleaders....but penny is my fave just cause she supports the mb and I'm in the
TacticalCrash Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
nice job wish i could draw Manga
JadedGrace Featured By Owner May 19, 2009
im a cheerleader...

whoop whoop!
Not-a-Bigshot Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Your artwork is amazing!!! Are you going to create a WormWood High School Marching Band? That would make my life A MILLION TIMES COOLER!!! Well... you don't have to create a WHOLE marching band (that's a little much), but... you know what I mean :-P The best of luck to you! Keep doing what you're doing! You're amazing at it!
Tyshea Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
aw, thanks a lot! xD
i actually made a general instrumental music section, since my school doesnt have the best music program =P
but the marching band is basically included in it: [link]
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