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December 8, 2008
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-SD- 4 Horsemen by Tyshea -SD- 4 Horsemen by Tyshea
*Salad Days is a story about a high school populated by supernatural teachers and students, for more info, click here*

Here are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a set of students written up for the #WormWoodProject by ~ObadiahBlack

I was so blown away by his descriptions of them that i knew i had to draw them in honor of his awesomeness xD

Here's a basic description of each from left to right, but i suggest you go read each of Ob's profiles of them on his account *shameless plug*


-Dando, the Horseman of Death, Junior
Dan, as he prefers to be called, is a Reaper like Ren, though his job as a Death God is much more demanding than hers. Being the horsemen of death, it's his job to take care of the souls afflicted by any of the other three.
He's pretty silent and likes his space for the most part, but has the air of an obvious leader when it comes to his foursome of friends.
Despite the way he looks, however, Dan is a straight-forward and honest fellow, though he does get in trouble occasionally for smoking.
Dan has something of a little crush on Tristy

-Viggo, Horseman of War, Junior
True to his title, Viggo is a violent guy that loves to get into fights to prove his strength.
He's the least savory of company among his group, being boisterous, proud, and showy, but Viggo is protective of his friends and has a sense of honor about fighting, thinking of it as a sort of art form.
Unlike the other horsemen, Viggo refuses to smoke in fear of harming his precious body (though that doesn't stop him from bragging consistently about his scars)

-Malik, Horseman of Pestilence, Sophomore
Despite being the Horseman of Pestilence, Malik is by far the healthiest of the bunch. He does, however, have a paranoia about sickness, and takes every small "symptom" as a precursor to disease. It probably doesn't help that he smokes as well.
He's the shortest of the bunch, and is reflectively meek in nature, often needing the protection of the other three (though Viggo picks on him just as much)
Malik is quite good in school and looks up to Dando quite a bit, sometimes imitating him in dress or accessory.

-Arin, Horseman of Famine, Junior
Deceptively feminine, Arin's appetite is like that of the idiomatic growing young man. He's that friend that's always asking to finish your food and eating the leftovers.
His laid-back nature is reflected in his clothes and attitude towards people.
Arin's only fondness that could equal hunger is his love for fun, as he likes to pull pranks with Viggo and flirt openly with both sexes just to see their reaction.
He's the closest with Malik, and it's when the younger boy is being threatened that Arin becomes uncharacteristically serious.


Now....go read Ob's first story of them: [link]
And wish him luck on what I hope to be a great addition to the WormWood universe ;D
(written, to boot!)
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all the art so far is awesome
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Tyshea Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
there was going to be, but this is old and being reworked :)
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