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April 24, 2011
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I am Muslim by Tyshea I am Muslim by Tyshea
    As a Muslim, I do not follow tradition blindly
    As a Muslim, I do not conform to new age views without evaluation
    As a Muslim, I am constantly self-reflecting
    As a Muslim, I give charity and smile to strangers
    As a Muslim, I believe in a non-human, non-gendered, unimaginable God

    As a Chinese Muslim, I feel unrecognized and isolated by my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters
    As a Chinese Muslim, I feel unrecognized and isolated by the American media
    As a Chinese Muslim, I feel equally hated by the American media
    As a Chinese Muslim, I am thankful to have seen so many different perspectives at my age
    As a Chinese Muslim, I feel closer to Allah

    As a Muslim artist, I do not have religious ultimatum
    As a Muslim artist, I am criticized for not devoting my art to my religion completely and blatantly
    As a Muslim artist, I devote myself instead to universal messages in hopes of reaching a wider audience
    As a Muslim artist, I fully love and indulge in the visual world created for us by God
    As a Muslim artist, I prove people wrong not by shoving my religion in their face, but showing them I am just a person like everyone else

    As a Gay Muslim, I believe in love above hate.
    As a Gay Muslim, I have been through constant, endless torment for simply loving someone.
    As a Gay Muslim, I have become infinitely more compassionate and understanding to others.
    As a Gay Muslim, I have found deeper, purer faith in Allah.
    As a Gay Muslim, I vow to never let my faith put others in danger, I vow to protect others who are bombarded by blind faith.

    This is me.
    I am constantly torn
    I am always falling
    I am sheltered
    I am afraid to speak
    But I am insanely proud

This was mainly for myself, to remind myself what it means to be me.
And to never give in to hate or anger.

Thanks to my friends for being the best, most accepting, most loving, and most wonderful family in the world.
Thank you for a great 21st birthday, and reminding me of the most important things in life.

Ask me any questions you like. I may choose to reply or not :)

[updated May 21, 2012]
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I am Muslim by *Tyshea

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fixiedustie Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
aww :') this one of a kind self poetry i guess.

WePePe Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
what?! you're a muslim?! and you're gay? Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! 
well I'm a Muslim too.. :D (Big Grin) 
But whatever, it's not my part to judge you 
as long as your art is amazed me you have my respect!Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship 

Tyshea Dec 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Haha yeah I am :)
Thank you though! Salaam!
Here's to your freedom. Gays shouldn't ever be persecuted. You're a good person in my books for sticking up for gay rights. 
A gay Muslim. How does that work out considering what the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah say. Although you might be interested to know that I believe in Allah as well but as a Arab Pagan. So I believe that Allah is masculine and his wife is Allat the Queen of Heaven.
RottenNails Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
being attracted to the same gender was not mention in the quran but gay sex was forbidden in the book
First of all the Quran is wrong. There is nothing wrong with having gay sex. It hurts no one plus Scientists and Psychologists both say that a life of sexual deprivation is not healthy for anyone. In fact homosexuality is found in every living species. Saying you can be gay and not have sex is not different then saying you can be a woman you just have to wear a burkha... oh wait Islam says that too! SMDH!
RottenNails 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
nope it is true sorry ever heard of the people of lutt or something sorry
the people of lutt used to have gay sex and gay rape which is cursed
in god's well so he cursed them all by drowning them in water C: sorry
these are my beliefs s much as i respect yours please respect mine
No I don't respect your beliefs. Your beliefs are false. First of all the people of Lut never existed. Second of all the fact that your god would destroy a city just because it has gay people shows he is a terrorist and mass murderer. The fact is that your god has been proven wrong. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. In fact it has been found in every living species as a means to prevent overpopulation and all major Scientific and Psychological organizations say there is nothing wrong with it.……
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